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Welcome to the New Stepping Stones

Welcome to Stepping Stones blog


Anyone who’s known me for a while knows I used to run a regular blog on my ghostwriting site, Write on Wendy, that focused on the ins and outs of writing with a purpose. Over the past year or so, Write Services has been going through a bit of transition as we tried to bring our multiple interests together under a single roof. Honestly, that just wasn’t working.

Here’s what we decided to try instead.

Serving Business Owners

As people who write for businesses all the time, we see business owners have a need for a resource that provides them with information about the role of writing in their overall success. If you don’t know what a white paper is, how it’s different from a case study, and when to use one or the other, it’s going to be more difficult overall to achieve the results you want.

You can hire a copywriter (hint, we do this!), but before you spend your money, you should know what you need and why you need it. A core element of business success is knowing when and where to spend to get the greatest results. With the information we plan to cover in this bi-monthly blog, you will be better prepared to make these decisions with confidence.

Serving Story Holders

Yet our roots remain grounded in the art of story-telling. Whether writing a piece of fiction intended to carry the reader to far away places or working on a piece of business writing that needs to persuade readers you have the best solution for their needs, the art of story-telling is essential. These were the types of topics we discussed over at Write on Wendy.

From how to develop your story idea, to having a consistent thread through the material, to how to format documents so that they meet with expectations and gain you the kinds of results you’re looking for, writing craft is important. Every other week, when the blog is posted over at Write on Wendy, these kinds of tips and techniques will be offered, along with our favorite tools for productivity, system development, and automation.

Two Sites, One Blog

Yep, you read that right. We’re going to try out this experiment, giving each of these closely aligned but slightly different approaches their own platforms, yet sharing the material across platforms for those who would like to benefit from each. We feel the structure of the blog is fitting for its Stepping Stones name. A step in story, then a step in business, then a step back in the use of language, then a step back to the logistics of success.

Of course, hopping back and forth between two blogs may be a little confusing for you, as the reader. For that reason, even though the blog here will only be updated every other week, we will send you a weekly email update letting you know what’s happening where and any other news we feel will benefit you.

Going Deeper

If you want to dig a little deeper into the details of the writing world and it’s vital role in the success of your business, you are welcome to enroll in our membership-only Writing for Business Masterclass. In addition to going deeper into the subject matter of our blog posts, the membership site will include expanded answers to questions asked by our audience members, important resources such as where to find funding opportunities for your small business, and live chats where we’ll discuss anything the community is struggling with at the moment, such as the upcoming release of WordPress’s Gutenberg upgrade and what that will mean for your website.

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And, for a very limited time (we’re talking days here), you can sign up for a 4-week class on how to find free money for your business with grants as well as gain the 12-month membership to the masterclass for only a slight increase in tuition. Check out the details on our Courses page here. 

Talk to Us!

We’re very much looking forward to serving you and we are dedicated to helping businesses succeed in the often confusing and always changing world of digital communication. Reach out to us via email, Facebook, LinkedIn, or via any of our contact forms and tell us what you need.