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Why Writing Your Book Matters more than you think

Usually when people contact me, they know they want to write a book and they already know why they want that book. Not everyone I talk to is so clear about those points, though.


Instead, they express a general desire to get their message out to a wider audience or they are frustrated at trying to get recognition as an expert in their field.


Even when they realize there is room at the table for more than one expert, they are unclear about how to stand out as unique and different from others doing similar work.


From my perspective, these are the people who need to write their book more than anyone.

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Clear Purpose, Not Clear Message

When you live in that place of general desire for greater reach without much idea how to get there, chances are people are already telling you to write a book.


butterfly wingsThe problem is they see your genius, but you do not.


Those things you are most proficient at come to you almost out of habit. You’ve been doing them so long, or your talent is so well-developed, it doesn’t seem like work to you.


It’s practically as easy as drinking water and drips out of you without breaking a sweat.


To make matters worse, you are also likely to be deeply connected with other experts in your field who talk about similar topics.


It’s appropriate to learn from some of them as you continue developing your skill or interest.


However, you might also feel a little intimidated about trying anything of your own after comparing your starting point with their polish.


On the one hand, you look at all that content out there and think everyone already knows what you know. After all, you are surrounded by it!


On the other hand, you see these well-established experts ahead of you and feel there’s no way you could compete. What could you offer that isn’t already available?


So you’re left with a purpose burning in your heart to do something with your skill set and talent, but you don’t have a clear sense of what you have to offer on your own.

Writing Your Book = Growth for You and Your Business

I know more than one author who started writing their book simply to get clear on their own ideas.

Credibility NationMitchell Levy, for example, mentions in his TED talk about his idea to write a book about credibility.


While he had a clear idea for the book walking into it, his core message didn’t become clear until he started looking more closely at that work.


In the process of analyzing the interviews conducted for Credibility Nation, he discovered his mission for the first time. Much of what he’s built since then has been based on this core concept.


You may be interested in joining his community of the same name to meet like-minded souls. 


Writing a book forces you to organize your thoughts as you work to capture them in one place. As you focus on what you want to say, you unpack more and more of what you know.


Once you’ve got the words down, you can see them literally in black and white.


It’s surprising how much you discover about yourself simply by going through this exercise.


Reading through the words you’ve collected, you’ll discover knowledge and insight you didn’t realize you had.

William Faulkner quote

Allowing yourself to explore that to greater depth not only helps you grow and deepen your personal understanding, but it also leads to identifying your individual message.

Discover Your Message in the Writing Process

As you develop and assess your ideas, you’ll begin seeing how your perspective on things is different from what others in your space have had to say.


This isn’t something that usually kicks in right away. If you’re not used to writing much, you’ll tend to write like you’ve been taught. It might come out stilted, or in fragments.


That’s okay. Keep going.


If you allow yourself to sink into the spirit of the project, you’ll begin to find your own voice. The words will come out quicker and easier.


With your voice, your own perspective and the uniqueness you bring to the table emerges. The way you structure your material, how you fill in the gaps between ideas, all of this contributes to your stand-out ideas.


Suddenly, you no longer sound like everyone else.


You might be conveying similar ideas, but the way you connect them is different. The stories you use to illustrate them are tied more authentically to your own experience.


When you speak from your own truth in this way, your message becomes ultra-clear. It rings consistently throughout everything you produce for your brand – not just in your book.


Plus, you now have the book you can use to expand your message, further boosting your credibility.


Your book becomes the mirror that allows you to finally see your brilliance at the same time it reflects that brilliance out to the world.


Now you’re ready to face that competitive market.

Next Steps

Of course, if you’re not feeling ready yet, there are a few ways I can help you.


To help you figure out how to map out your story, I have a guide to walk you through the seven major story archetypes.


We are also about to launch a new 5-day challenge to help you find your Business-Boosting Book Idea. Go ahead and sign up for our newsletter to get updates on that as soon as it’s available.


Or if you already have some ideas and/or a draft ready, I’d be happy to chat with you about what to do with them to put them to work for you. Just use the calendar link in the sidebar to set up an appointment.

Writing your book

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  1. Desi-Ann Gordon

    Wendy, thank you so much for this! So often we get caught up thinking that we will sound like everyone else. But we are unique and our message will not be exactly like the next person’s. Thanks for sharing these points.

    1. Wendy

      You are absolutely right, Desi-Ann! And the way you say your message will not land the same as the way someone else says it. Appreciate your insight!

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