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There are so many written elements businesses need to compete in today’s online space. Just figuring out which pieces you need can be daunting. The problem is trying not to sound like everyone else out there while still having time to conduct the business you’re actually in. Unless you’re also a full-time writer, chances are you are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with the amount of work that appears on your desk every day. Knowing the right word to use when can increase your leads by as much as 60%, which makes it all the more important that significant thought has been put into your campaign. Save yourself time and frustration by outsourcing your most pressing tasks. Focus your attention on things that only you can do.

As a member of the Professional Writer’s Alliance, we receive continuous training in writing for business delivered by American Writers and Artists, Inc., the gold-standard for professional copywriting education and development.

Content Elements

White papers are generally used for Business-to-Business (B2B) sales documents which work to promote your products or services in detail. Although they can sometimes look relatively simple, they are deceptively complex to produce, often requiring research into your competition, audience, client base, and product as well as similar products that might achieve similar results. As a result, they can be time-consuming, especially for busy, growing companies with or without an internal writing staff.

Short reports can take the form of individual chapters for compilation books of expert advice or academic knowledge, sponsorship packages for various initiatives, or, typically used by consultants, free reports to be used as incentives for various purposes. Like white papers, they can require a great deal of research to produce an effective and attractive presentation.

Case studies typically present the experiences of satisfied clients or customers as they reveal what led them to a particular business or consultant and how that service helped them solve their need. For example, one business used a single case study to grow his sales by 185%. They can be distributed in video or text format and serve to help others decide whether the service under discussion is the right approach for their own needs.

To be most effective, case studies must present an honest opinion of both the positive and negative aspects of the services used and include one or more interviews with clients. This requires knowledge of how to effectively structure an interview to get all of the information needed in as short a time as possible so as not to impact too strongly on the client’s time. Then the material must be organized and structured in a way that enables the client’s voice to shine through, the negatives of the service to be discussed, and have the reader/viewer still come away from the material feeling positive about the service overall.

Putting up web pages seems like it should be so easy, right? Add a few pictures, type a few words, and you’re done. But when it comes time to actually hit that Publish button, there’s so much left to do and so much uncertainty left behind.

  • Which pages do you need?
  • What do you need to say?
  • How do you need to say it?
  • Can it be shorter? Should it be longer?
  • What about all that SEO stuff people keep talking about?

Web page content doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be outsourced! Depending on your needs, the content for multiple web pages can be created for a single project price. 

In addition, we’ve been designing web pages since the 1990s. We’ve familiar with many of the coding languages used in web design and can work with your web designers to create exactly the look you want. 

Newsletters are some of the most effective ways to engage your audience and keep them coming back. The content in your newsletters helps you develop and maintain your relationship with your subscribers. It does this by providing continuous value to them without simply repeating the content that appears in your blog. 

You guessed it. This is an entirely different piece of content from your standard blog posts or other email campaigns. Newsletters usually have a slightly different, slightly more intimate, tone. After all, at this point, you are talking with people who are already at least a little familiar with who you are. They are also delivered with reasonable regularity – typically once per week, but not usually less than once per month. 

Email campaigns  can do a number of things: welcome visitors to your business community, deliver all or portions of a sales campaign, or provide an online course for example.

You’ve likely already seen hundreds of email campaigns already delivered to your email box. These happen automatically every time you enter your name and email into a sign-up box. For the next few days or weeks, you then receive communications and other materials from the site you signed up to, welcoming you in, getting your familiar with the site or service, making sure your questions are answered, etc. 

Email campaigns can constitute the whole of your sales cycle, delivering content and products automatically to your audience, or they can be one component of a more complicated system.

Sales Funnels are the machines behind all the passive income streams you hear about on the internet. While you can try your best to duplicate systems you’ve received in the past, it’s important to realize successful funnels typically follow a basic yet consistent structure. 

Rather than throwing everything at your reader at once, information is scheduled out strategically to help your visitor meet you, learn more about who you are and what you have to offer, familiarize them with your product or service, and guide them automatically toward making the purchase that will help them move forward. 

Funnels can use one or any of a variety of media and software including email, video, webinar, audio, chatbot, downloads, and shopping carts) depending on needs of your campaign.

From literary journals to travel writing, hard news to industry updates, articles and blog posts are intended to inform and entertain. But they’re worth so much more than that to your business. Businesses with a regularly updated blog generate 126% more leads compared to businesses without a blog.

While articles and blogs may look very similar at first glance, there are some significant differences between how each is structured and written, depending on whether they are to be used in print or online. Knowing those differences determines the success of the piece.

Topics we tend to cover include business growth, productivity, green technology, environmental issues, travel, natural health/living, social justice issues, and the craft of writing.

While you may be sure of what you want to sell or teach in your next marketing endeavor, putting that information into an entertaining 3-minute video clip or organized online presentation can sometimes be a bit challenging. 

How do you write a script that sounds spontaneous, confident, conversational, and professional all at the same time? 

That’s a question we’ve grappled with multiple times over through the years. Schedule a conversation with us to discuss your next project and we’ll help you reach the audience who is ready to work with you. 

When you have a great idea that needs funding, finding and applying for grants can be a daunting proposition. Even the task of drawing up a basic proposal is enough to cause many businesses to lose out on a great opportunity.

Grant writing and proposal writing services help you identify appropriate granting agencies for new funding opportunities and, once found, help you craft a highly competitive application.

Experience within the grant development office of a mid-level university and as a contract grant writer, Wendy has achieved a 64% success rate and raised more than $14 million in funded projects. Proposed projects have been submitted to the National Science Foundation (NSF), National Endowment of the Humanities (NEH), NASA, National Institutes of Health (NIH), Department of Transportation (DOT), and private funders. Wendy is also a current member of the Grant Professionals Association, a community of grant professionals committed to serving the greater public good.

Not sure how all these pieces fit together, or even which pieces you need to match your specific goals? No problem! We can work directly with you to help:

  • Identify your specific goals and offerings
  • Determine which marketing pieces are going to be most effective toward reaching your audience
  • Create those strategic pieces of marketing content for you
  • Show you how to put those pieces to work toward your success

As part of our Content Strategy service, we help you move through all phases of the marketing process, pulling everything together to create as much automation as possible so you can focus on confidently running your business based on your expertise. 

Not sure what you need? Schedule a free conference call with us. We can help you find a clear path forward.

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