The People Behind Write Services

We are a highly experienced team having worked in a variety of writing professions for more than 20 years each. You can learn more about each member of our team in the content below.

Wendy Strain

Wendy Strain has been a newspaper journalist, editor, university instructor, tutor, grant writer, and ghostwriter. She now works exclusively freelance and offers her services where she feels they can do the most good. Her special talent is taking big ideas and translating them into everyday language and understandable metaphors. Her passions are making new friends, seeing new places, and exploring ideas while fighting for the empowerment of people and the preservation of our environment.

Lee Strain’s writing career has also included newspaper journalism ranging from sports coverage, managing editor, and owner. He’s also been involved in technical writing and copy writing for a variety of formats. In more recent years, he’s added video to his repertoire. His special talent is being able to capture a story in a snapshot. He shares Wendy’s passion for seeing new places and getting to know new faces, particularly when it gives him some insight into local culture. He’s also passionate about history, especially American history, and politics.

Lee Strain
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