Testimonials from other Writing Clients

Hope you enjoy these few thoughts from current and former ghostwriting and copywriting clients. 

I have worked with Wendy over the years on a number of grants with screaming deadlines. She always improves my writing and finds things to fix. She has a great spirit about her - and is able to make recommendations that people are receptive to.
Some of you may have a book in you but don't know where to start. I too had a story to tell and now my book is done. One of the keys to having an effective piece of work is your editor. Wendy Strain did a wonderful job with my line and copy editing. Her attention to detail and thoughtful recommendations resulted in a polished manuscript ready for the next steps. Thank you, Wendy.
Wendy is great to work with. Very experienced, very intelligent. Very supportive and super personality. She would be a great addition to any group.
Wendy did contract work including writing, photography and graphic work. Always great work, always on time, always with a smile.
Wendy is is a gifted and creative writer with a broad range of interests and dedicated to supporting the success of her clients. She’s a great organizer and very generous with her time and expertise. I recommend Wendy to anyone.
While a member of the ELITE Graduate Program's cohort, Wendy was always quick with a smile and to volunteer to help with any activity we were facilitating. She was awarded the Outstanding ELITE Cohort Member award, one of a select few to receive this honor, for her drive for excellence in both hers and others' education. I would highly recommend Wendy for any endeavor she chooses to pursue.
Wendy assisted me with drafting a 90,000 word book manuscript for an academic press. I was very impressed with her ability to copy edit the manuscript which contained language and content specific to my field of study while also providing constructive feedback on the material. She understood the goals I outlined for the project, particularly the content I wanted to cover and the audience I wanted to reach, and kept me and the manuscript on track. She was highly responsive to my communication on the project and was able to perfectly manage working virtually and through emails. Undoubtedly, the manuscript was much improved because of Wendy’s involvement and expertise. I also learned a considerable amount from the process and believe that I have improved my own writing skills as a result of her guidance. I would recommend Wendy without hesitation for book projects!
I just received a detailed report on a book based on my life and I had to laugh out loud at how accurately my characters have been described from just three chapters. Bravo Wendy...that's amazing! Thank you Wendy for your detailed critique of Crystal 🙂
Mizi Kay
Mizi Kay
Fiction Author
I hope to be able to use these methods in the future and hope to also use you or take another class with you to help build my skills further. You really have made an awesome difference in me and my writing and I thank you.